About Us

Introducing Student Jailbreak: provider of premier SMS tracking systems for charity hitchhike events. By providing RAGs and event organisers with an effective, easy-to-use method of tracking participants we make the organisation of hitches as pain-free as possible. Furthermore, we charge a low per-participant rate, meaning that you can organise your event with no up-front fees or financial worry. We even allow you to raise for whichever charity you or your participants are keen to support!

Coming from a RAG background, we understand that everyone does things differently. Whether you are hitchiking experts or looking to put on your first ever event, we have the experience to assist you with the organisation of your hitch events alongside provision of our tracking system. Let us know what exactly you need support with and we will be more than happy to help - whether this be assistance with t-shirt designs or guidance on promoting the event itself.

To get in touch, please contact Ben Collins at